Morgan Horse Open Barn

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Every REGISTERED Morgan can participate

Whether from a breeder or owner


1.  Anything to do with promoting the Morgan Breed is allowed!

2.  Have FUN!

Yes that's it!  Only 2 Rules!

All Registered Morgans and foals are welcome

All Colors

All Heights

All Bloodlines

All Disciplines

*We want to show the versatility of the Morgan and how much fun they are*

There will be demonstrations on Day 1 and mini clinics on Day 2

It is your choice if you wish to participate in a demonstration or mini clinic.
If you prefer, you can just show off your Morgan in their stall.

If you Morgan is For Sale please have them marked with a visible and noticeable For Sale sign
PLEASE NOTE: If someone is wanting to try out your horse, please make sure that they have signed the WAIVER from the Vermilion Ag Society and that they have their provincial insurance...SHF or AEF etc.  Helmets are also recommended.  Please use your judgement and do not let someone who has never ridden before ride or handle your horse.


All stalls must have a poster or banner with your Morgan's Registered Name including (sire x dam), age, your name &/or Farm Name and contact info (In case of emergency).  If they are For Sale or any other information you would like to share.  You are welcome to decorate your stalls if you wish.  Small displays in front of the stalls may be permitted pending on isle space.


A limited # of stallions will be participating. 

Please inquire if you wish to bring a stallion.


All demonstrations that you do with your Morgan(s) are welcome and Free.  Some demonstrations will require volunteers and this is also Free.  For Example, the Cowboy Dressage demo.  You can do Liberty, Reining, Trail, Bareback, English, etc etc.  If you have a demo that you  would like to do, just let me know so we can get you scheduled.


Mini Clinics will run on Day #2
Fee will depend on the Clinician's fee
Please watch for updates and clinicians


For those not able to bring your Morgan(s), displays are welcome.

You must bring your own table, chairs, extension cords, scissors, tape, etc

At this time, access to power is unknown but I will confirm this


The Morgan Mile is a trotting demonstration between 2 riders/drivers to demonstrate the swiftness of the Morgan trot

The distance is to be determined but will be between 1/4 to 1/2 mile

In order to participate in this, your horse must be well broke.  Safety equipment is a must.

English, Western or Harness

To Be Confirmed but please inquire


The cost to participate is divided equally between all participants bringing horses with exception of Box Stalls

Cost = Facility Rental + Advertising + Expenses / # Participants

It will be $200 or LESS.

Box Stalls: $10/Stall



Shavings must be used.  Can be purchases at UFA Vermilion.  I will try having a pallet on site.

Stalls must be as clean or cleaner upon departure...this includes hay

There is a Manure Pit but you must bring a wheel barrow, fork etc